Smart Homes, everyone probably has a different conception of what a smart home is...

We understand this and can make each project we work on tailored to you and your needs! A Smart Home, should be a home that makes your life and your time easier and more productive and efficient.

For example, a typical morning in a smart home would start with the blinds in the bed room gently opening to wake you. The multi-room audio slowly fading in your favorite radio station. The underfloor heating automatically coming on. Lights illuminate as you enter the rooms and go off when you leave the room. And as you leave the house the alarm is set and the house goes into standby mode.

This is all far more achievable than you probably think. Ideas for your Smart Home. Intercom system - If someone rings the intercom you can get a notification sent to your phone. You will then be able to see the person and speak to them. Maybe ʻbuzzʼ them into the secure porch to drop off a delivery?

Multi room audio - One of our favorite ideas that our customers always give us great feedback on as they use it all of the time. Stream your music to any room from a few clicks from your phone or tablet. Engage party mode and play the system across the whole house!

Climate control - Heating and cooling can now be zoned so that you only need to heat or cool the areas you are using at the time, saving on those ever increasing fuel bills. Automate things! - We can use the system to control almost anything, your only limit is your imagination.... a TV popping up out of the floor or down from the ceiling? False walls that automatically slide open to reveal a hidden room? Control your spa temperature?

We like a challenge so contact us and get the ball rolling on your project today.


The Example above if of the Loxone App, the app we use to control Lighting, Heating and Cooling, Entertainment and Security.

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